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Video: The MSM Create A “Heartbreaking” Story About A Illegal Immigrant Who Got Everything From The Taxpayers But It’s Not Enough – Her Name Says It All

There are stories on the Internet say that we “need” more illegal immigrants and it’s the right thing to do. The thing is MOST replies to those stores are about 7 to 1 AGAINST getting more illegals. But the “MSM” just doesn’t get it.

The ironic thing — they’ve managed to convince many people that many millions of illegals are needed to do the work that Americans are too lazy to do. And people fall for it even though millions of unemployed Americans insist they do want jobs.

They decided to create a “heartbreaking” story about a illegal immigrant living in Rochester!

“It’s very traumatic… Rochester no good.”

This illegal migrant crossed into the US a year ago with her children.

For the first few months, she stayed in a free Manhattan hotel.

Now, she was relocated to an apartment in upstate NY. Food/rent is still paid for.

It’s still not enough:

Her name is “ya needy” and no, I’m not joking.

Change is tough for everyone. Now imagine the American citizens who don’t even get the help they need because the funds that should be helping them are being wasted on illegals instead.

This woman is a narcissist and a criminal.

She should be deported and banned from the U.S.
Never forget that Biden called them here:

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