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Videos: Hilarious and Alarming Scenes Unfold As Biden Attends The White House ‘Juneteenth’ Event

A new poll that came out after the sham New York City verdict finds Trump inching up on Joe Biden in notoriously blue Minnesota.

This is amazing if you consider the state’s history. Minnesota hasn’t gone Republican in a presidential election since 1972. If Trump won there it would be historic and cause Democrats to lose it completely.

Perhaps the people of Minneapolis are tired of the rampant crime that has gotten out of control in recent years.

Or perhaps people just don’t want brain-dead POTUS?

Below we have videos and they might reveal us the reason why Joe Biden’s handlers usually hide him for several days after he returns from an overseas trip.

Joe Biden completely fell apart Monday evening at the Juneteenth concert.

On Monday evening, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hosted a Juneteenth concert featuring Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle on the South Lawn of the White House.

The large event took place on the White House lawn, with Joe Biden in attendance. What ensued were several moments that were both hilariously comical and alarmingly concerning. It’s the kind of situation where you want to laugh, but then you remember this is the President of the United States.

My favorite part is when he just gives up at the end because he simply can’t clap on beat. This is especially ironic considering his claims of growing up attending black churches. If you’re from the South, you can tell just by looking at him that he’s never set foot inside a black church.

Watch the videos below:

Joe Biden was spotted sipping an orange drink (Gatorade?) just to stay awake.

But it’s the eyes that really get me. Somehow, while standing outside, he manages to go the first 34 seconds of that video without blinking. Whatever they have him on is strong stuff.

Biden slurred through his speech. He completely fell apart.

“She know long! She knew suhlongasuhijeruhhnied, our freedom can never be secured!” Biden said.

Biden shuffled away after an embarrassing evening.

Joe Biden, a lifelong racist, signed a law making Juneteenth a federal holiday in 2021.