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Videos Reveal That Biden’s Opinion On Whether People Should Be Forced To Wear Masks On Planes Completely Changed In Less Than Two Hours – He Isn’t Calling The Shots

If you want an example of complete and utter incompetence, look no further than the Biden administration’s reaction to the ruling striking down his mask mandate yesterday.

They had a full day to get their ducks in a row, and they failed miserably.

Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to New Hampshire and visited the Port Authority at Portsmouth Harbor.

Biden spoke to reporters as he arrived in New Hampshire.

A reporter asked Biden if people should continue to wear masks on planes after a Trump-appointed federal judge declared his mandate unlawful.

“That’s up to them,” Biden said.

However, the White House wasn’t sure what Biden should say as Jen Psaki previously said that the White House is still urging people to wear masks.

Biden’s handler had a rough day and in just two hours Biden “changed” its opinion.

BIDEN, 2:00 PM: Wearing a mask on planes is “up to [individuals]”

BIDEN, 3:30 PM: “I don’t know” if we will appeal the federal ruling that struck down the mask mandate

Watch the video below:

Well clearly in the earlier clip, he forgot he wasn’t allowed to say anything until his handlers told him what to say – the second was after they told him what and how he was allowed to think about it.

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