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Viral Video From This Morning Shows Another Fight On The Airport It Seems That WWE Is Getting Into The Airline Business


Tensions have been flying high in airplanes as everyone tries to escape the home they were cooped up in for the last year, but things are getting out of hand.

Why people are exchanging fists of fury while they are waiting to board the plane, or side-eyeing the person who says they are in Zone 3 passenger when they carry themselves like a Zone 5 passenger at best.

There is a lot of fighting during that pressure cooker that is boarding a plane, hoping you get an overhead compartment, and preparing the fly for hours after whatever tomfoolery took place getting to and around the airport. Even getting off the plane is prime tussle time as everyone unbuckles their seat belt in unison so they can rush into the aisle and stand in line to get off that overcrowded tin can.

But this constant fighting turned our airlines and airports into a WWE venue.

This morning another video started trending and it happened while people were waiting to board the Spirit Airline flight from Detroit to Atlanta.

On the viral video, there are two Black people fighting and in one moment they look like WWE professionals.

Video below:

Federal crews said there has been a dramatic increase in violent conduct at airports and on planes. The Federal Aviation Administration said the dangerous behavior doubled in the past month.

The FAA is investigating more than 2,500 cases of violence, KING5 reported. At least 1,900 of those cases involved a dispute over masks.

However recently there are a lot of videos that surfaced online where Black people fight each other for various reasons!