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Watch: Jim Acosta Attempts to Downplay Border Crisis in Front of Angel Moms, Bad Idea

We have a huge problem on our southern border and finally, we have a President that will solve that issue!

CNN butt-boy Jim Acosta tried making like there weren’t really any problems at all. In fact, illegals are peace-loving sweethearts who wouldn’t hurt a fly on the strawberries they so generously pick for us.
That’s nothing new when it comes to his fake news television!

See for yourself:

Exactly! Try telling those people who are losing family and friends on the reg everything’s fine and dandy at the border.

After that somewhat heated exchange, Angel Moms are discussing immigration with Acosta. One mom who lost her daughter tells him “there is a huge problem..there are mothers going through this every day.”
Acosta tells them he didn’t mean to offend, says “my heart goes out to you”

President Trump promised that legal immigrants are welcomed into our great country but illegals will be removed and deported!

He is trying desperately to hold on his promises but the Dems and the RINOs are not making his life easier!

If we add the mainstream media that produces fake news every day President Trump has a very difficult job to do!

But this video proves that he has our support and he won’t be stopped!

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