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Watch The Moment When President Trump Enter North Korea With Kim Jong Un! (Video)

President Donald Trump on Sunday became the first U.S. president to set foot in North Korea during a face-to-face meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The meeting was the first between the two leaders since nuclear talks went sideways during a summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, this past February.

President Trump on Sunday shook hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as they met at the demilitarized zone that has divided the Korean peninsula for 66 years, signaling a willingness to restart nuclear talks in a remarkable, impromptu meeting that appeared to come together in less than 48 hours.

Watch the historic moment below:

Their 53-minute get-together did not include substantive negotiations, but the imagery alone was historic: An American president met Kim on his own literal turf.

After leaving the G20 Summit in Japan, Trump visited the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea with President Moon Jae-in and extended the invitation to Kim Jong Un to join them.

“We respect each other and [Kim Jong Un] has agreed to meet and I am going to meet him in about 4 minutes,” Trump told reporters shortly after 2 a.m. EST, according to the White House pool.

The two leaders shook hands at the Military Demarcation Line, and Kim Jong Un told Trump, “Good to see you again.” He added that he “never expected” to see Trump “at this place.”

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