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While On-Air, Rachel Maddow Gets Humiliated By Her Own Network (Video)

MSNBC’s head clown, Rachel Maddow outdid herself again on Friday, with her latest fake news about how Attorney General William Barr is solely going through the Mueller report and redacting it on his own.

Ironically, MSNBC was running a headline near the bottom of the television screen while she was yapping, that refuted her claim.

The headline read: “Barr: Special Counsel Is Assisting With Redactions.”

The truth is, Robert Mueller is actually assisting him in the reactions.

“We have seen that, as a matter of course, in hundreds of court filings over the entire duration of the Mueller investigation, Mueller’s team made redactions specifically … to not compromise ongoing investigations and ongoing criminal cases all the time,” Maddow said Friday night. “This is a thing Mueller’s team does in its sleep.”

“It is hard to believe the newly-appointed 68-year-old Attorney General William Barr himself personally picked through the report to try to figure out what mentions in this 400-page report might pertain to open cases,” she continued. “It wouldn’t leave that to Barr to do that. Mueller would’ve done that. Mueller’s team would’ve done that as part of producing anything that they’ve handed over outside of their own offices.”

As you can see in the video below, the chyron was running the contradicting headline.

Also, the Mueller report could not be redacted before being sent to Barr because Barr has the security clearance and seniority to read the full report.

The reactions are to protect ongoing investigations and people who’s names are brought that did nothing wrong.

Maddow makes out like Barr is doing something exceptional and insidious.

She should have cried over it like she did when she found out the Mueller probe was over and there was no Russian collusion.

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