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Woman Takes Abortion Pill – Then Wants to Save Her Babies

by Daveda Gruber:

A woman had made a choice to take medication that began the process of a chemical abortion and then she had a sudden change of heart.

The woman, from North Carolina, was six weeks pregnant. She had walked into “A Preferred Women’s Health Center” which is a Charlotte abortion facility, to end the pregnancy.

The un-named woman, to protect her identity, was told “Oh twins,” by a technician who was performing the ultrasound on her.

The pregnant woman didn’t bother to look at the ultrasound, she had wanted twins but she had already swallowed the first “abortion pill” of RU-486. She was also given the second pill to take within 48 hours.

Mifepristone blocks the natural hormone progesterone and causes the lining of the uterus to release the unborn baby, and misoprostol starts contractions to deliver the dead baby.

But as she was walking out of the abortion clinic, she remembered something that a sidewalk counselor told her: “It might not be too late for you AbortionPillReversable.com they can still help you save your baby.”

She got on the phone with HELP Pregnancy Center in a desperate move to see if she could go back on her decision to swallow the first pill.

Courtney Parks is the abortion pill reversal coordinator for HELP Pregnancy Center. She stated, “We got her started on the abortion pill reversal treatment extremely fast.
Treatment was administered by Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Rescue Network which had saved hundreds of babies.

Parks and the pregnant woman looked at an ultrasound and the woman said to Parks, “If I had known what I know now and I had seen how the Lord has provided for these babies, I would have never even walked into that clinic.”

Before she gave birth to her twins, the woman was lucky enough to have a baby shower by the pregnancy center. She would have a good start of baby supplies when her two healthy babies were born.

Many women are unaware that help exists for them. Women are told that there is no turning back after the first abortion pill is taken. That is because “Planned Parenthood” doesn’t give women this information. They are not in the business of saving the lives of babies but in ending their right to be born or not rendering medical help even if they survive the abortion.

When I became a pro-life supporter, I had researched the subject extensively. I had reached my own conclusion based on fact.

Babies ripped apart in the womb feel pain. Some babies survive abortions and after being born alive, they are left to die, more often than not, in a cold container and even when they cry out, they are ignored and die alone without comfort.

More women must do research if they find themselves in a situation that seems to require a solution that is not appealing.

There are many ways to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. Ask your doctor. If you find yourself with an unwanted pregnancy, there are many couples who will adopt a baby.

There is help out there that does not require anyone to murder a baby.

Women have a right to control their own bodies. Preventing pregnancy, if a baby is not what is wanted, is the most likely choice.

Murdering a baby is not an option. It is what it is called, MURDER.