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African-American Journalist From Baltimore Posts Videos That Proves Trump Is Right About Cummings


CNN’s Victor Blackwell claimed on-air that the president was referring to black and brown people when he touched on Baltimore’s rat “infestation.”

“‘Infested.’ That’s usually reserved for references to rodents and insects, but we’ve seen the president invoke ‘infestation’ to criticize lawmakers before. You see a pattern here?” said an emotional Blackwell, according to CNN.

The people of Baltimore, including journalist Kimberly Klacik, are not interested in the race card Democrats are playing as they back the president.

“It is so sad to see @VictorBlackwell & @CNN turn the light currently shining on #WestBaltimore into a race issue,” she said.

“This could result in a positive change. @RepCummings could help get his district in order. Listen to one of his constituents explain the ‘rats & rodents’ problem.”

More trash. More concerned residents. People live in the home with the silver van. This is @RepCummings district. This has nothing to do with race. Let us all pray the city removes the trash & install cameras to catch the individuals dumping on the property. #WestBaltimore-Klacik Tweeted

She continued her Twitter storm:

In this video, @RepCummings constituents explain how clean Coppin State University is kept, while their neighborhood is used as a dumping ground. I was told if trash was not in marked green cans, the city refused to remove it. More abandoned row houses. #WestBaltimore

Trump is CORRECT again. Cummings is another Congressional “Squatter” and will usurp any Taxpayer Money he & his Wife can get their hands on. He must be exposed & Voted out of Office-To Quote Tliab “WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE, WE ARE HERE TO STAY”. Wake up America!

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