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Al Sharpton Confronted & Heckled By Baltimore Residents: “You’re A Phony . . . You’re A Hustler!”


It’s really strange how all of a sudden nobody is talking about Baltimore’s problems.

Only Trump’s supporters have done something about it as they organized a city-wide cleanup day.

Organizer Scott Presler and dozens of other Trump supporters, including Jack Posobiec, gathered for a trash clean up.

The Dems as usual used this situation to attack President Trump.

Al Sharpton was the latest Democrat that decided to defend the record of Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, but not all of the local residents are happy about it.

Several Baltimore residents were outraged over Sharpton’s audacity and forced him to face the facts by boldly shouting out to him statements like, “You go back to New York! You bring that s*** to New York! You ain’t do nothing for Baltimore! You a phony!” and “Our schools are failing us! Where are you when our schools are failing us? You’re just a hustler.”

Watch the video below:

Trump was met with a vociferous backlash after he said parts of Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore district resembled a “rat and rodent-infested mess.” But it seems that his actions did help the citizens of West Baltimore.

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  1. Its time the residents starting speaking out they have been used and abused by the democrats for decades time to #WALKAWAY

  2. It’s refreshing to see Baltimore residents speak out against the carpet baggers like Sharpton and Cummings. Each loves to bash Trump and his supporters, but they can’t take the heat when the spotlight is focused on them. They immediately ‘turn-and-run’ when they are exposed.

  3. Hopefully more of America is waking up to the spin and lies of the liberals and the Media. Maybe they are getting tired of being misled and supporting the con men like Sharpton, Nadler and the rest of the Demonic-Numskull-Club. (DNC)

  4. Well, those Baltimore residents spoke the truth. That is something that Sharpton doesn’t want to hear. He is a phony and he is a hustler. They should have run his sorry a$$ out of town on a rail after giving him the tar and feather treatment.

  5. It’s good to see the ‘victims’ of the democrats finally waking up. They have been used and abused by the democrats just to give them more power. Love it!
    Vote Trump!

  6. Positive results in Baltimore or anywhere for that matter is possible when you have integrity. George Washington Carver saw the poverty pimps like Al Sharpton over a 100 years ago.

  7. Should be asking Sharpton why he isn’t in Prison. Millions owed for decades in Back taxes, Suspected Arson of burning his offices when he was being investigated. All investigations by the FBI stopped for some reason, and The IRS never pressed charges. Never saw Him Raided or Perp walked for CNN.

  8. It is good that the residents are finally realizing what the politicians have been doing to them! What happened to the billions of tax dollars given through the federal government to Baltimore? Where did it go?

  9. Baltimore residents are Woke!!! Enough!! Hold these elected official accountable. Trump shined a light on the crime and bad conditions in Baltimore. Vote these people out. They do nothing for you all, year after year. Decade after decade!!!

  10. What an ass sharpton is. “You go back to where YOU came from.” What an idiot. Kudos to the guy who stood up to that race-baiting hustler.

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