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An Illegal Alien Who Was Already Deported From The United States Arrested for Allegedly Raping A Woman In January

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What happened to people working to make their dreams come true? It takes effort to become a citizen. Those who make the effort are much more likely to be law-abiding. If someone’s first step into our country breaks our laws, who would expect them to do anything different once here? They got away with it the first time.

Today we report to you another case where an illegal alien who was already deported from the United States has been arrested on rape charges after returning to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Javier Morales, an illegal alien, allegedly raped a woman in January, pinning her to a wall and sexually assaulting her, according to local police. Before being prosecuted for the rape, the illegal alien was deported back to his native country.

Local officials placed warrants on Morales in the event that he returned to Knoxville. This week, Morales was arrested and charged for the rape after he arrived back in Knoxville after being deported, according to WVLT.

Currently, the illegal alien is being held at the Knoxville County Jail.

All those victims families should collectively sue Congress and Sanctuary cities for negligence in protecting American citizens by protecting and abetting illegal immigrants committing crimes.

They should also appeal to Pres. Trump to have their grief and loss of loved ones made known to American people at his re-election rallies.

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