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Migrant Accused of Child Rape Claims: ‘Nobody Told Me it Was Illegal!’

The suspected sexual abuse took place in April of this year at a family home with the young girl, whose exact age has not been revealed. It is alleged she was forced to have sex with the supposedly 17-year-old migrant, newspaper Lokaltidningen reports.

When questioned, the migrant reportedly admitted that he had sex with the young girl but said that it had not been a crime and was just something that “happened between two children.”

In an Administrative court, it was argued that while the migrant did admit to the crime he was not aware of the laws regarding sexual relations and that no-one in Sweden had taught him what the laws and expected norms were.

So let’s get back in our country for a while:

According to the recent Supreme Court ruling, if an illegal immigrant doesn’t know his action are illegal then they won’t pay the consequences. It’s all good now.

Luckily for Sweden, the court did not agree with the representative, saying that the migrant may be prosecuted for rape against a child. Investigators also revealed suspicions that the teen may actually be over 20-years-old.

After all, it’s our own fault for cases like this, you can’t blame a cunning criminal for knowing how to exploit weaknesses in the liberal/social democrat system.

The system itself is now on trial. No system that could accept such flimsy excuses from rapists has any right to continue.

I wonder what ‘The Dems’ think about a guy like him? Think about those ‘Innocent Children’ – They better come up with MONEY and SOLUTIONS – put politics aside, work with The President – We cannot allow this to happen in our country