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Another State Signs Bill Granting Electoral Votes To National Popular Vote Winner, Joins 13 Other States That Signed The Same Bill

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said on Tuesday that President Trump's "border fear-mongering" had misused National Guard troops in her state. The governor is seen here in a photo from Monday.

New Mexico is the latest state to sign into law legislation that would give the state’s Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate with the most popular votes nationwide.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) signed the legislation Wednesday to officially add New Mexico to a joint compact with more than a dozen other states, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

It would require New Mexico Electors to the Electoral College to cast their vote for the winner of the national popular vote. Currently, New Mexico electors vote for the candidate who wins in New Mexico.

New Mexico now joins 13 other states and the District of Columbia as part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

The 13 states which have already agreed to the compact are: Colorado, Vermont, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, and California— have passed legislation in their respective statehouses agreeing to favor the popular vote in presidential elections.

The joint agreement only goes into effect if enough states sign on that would total 270 electoral votes –– the number needed to win the presidency.

Hillary’s defeat to the last election forced the Dems to find another way to get their candidates into the White House!

The Dems took a step forward in eliminating the electoral college and adopting a popular vote system, we must stop them because the MSM stays silent and this is how it all begins!

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