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As France Crumbles, Macron Forces Children to Kneel Before Him

France is teetering on the brink of revolution with citizens dawning ‘Yellow Vests’ for nationwide riots every weekend. Although French President Emmanuel Macron has capitulated and reversed controversial fuel taxes meant to combat global warming, the anger has not subsided and a scene at a high school may make the situation drastically worse.

The Evening Standard explained the shocking display in a report:

“Dramatic footage shows how police in riot gear lined up youngsters on their knees with their hands tied behind them.

The pupils, from the Lycée Saint-Exupéry in Mante-la-Jolie, 30 miles west of Paris, had allegedly threatened to burn down the school during a nationwide day of action that blockaded schools in protest at education reforms.

It comes as French authorities are braced for the possibility of more riots and violence at anti-government protests this weekend.”

The footage itself looks like something straight out of Nazi Germany, as the kids were humiliated and forced to kneel beneath their government:

More violent protests are expected this weekend as the French government clearly has not learned its lesson, despite removing the fuel tax. Perhaps dusting off the guillotines and storming the Bastille would remind the authorities of who their real masters are!