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Atheist Asks a Christian “Where Did God Come From?” – He Gave Him The Best Answer Ever (Video)

Day in and day out, we Christians are bombarded with the bull, baloney, and garbage from the atheists. They are working overtime to have every symbol of our Christian faith and values removed from every area of our public life.

We are fed up with them shoving their garbage down our throats and demoralizing our nation.

We are tired of them dragging our faith, values, and beliefs through the mud and dishonoring God, his word and our nation.

The video I just found on Twitter will prove every Atheist that they are wrong!

An Atheist Asks A Christian: Where did God come from?

The answer is something that needs to be heard!

That was the best answer I’ve ever heard and then some. I know that other guy had to feel pretty stupid!!!

Just a thought from me:
Everything created is a trinity, 1. the creator. 2. the ability to create. 3. and it created … therefore, God is eternal, because all three things must be present from the beginning. let’s call it above x1, x2, x3 … one must have the ability to create.

What do you think?

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