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Sec. Mnuchin Defies Democrats ‘Politically-Motivated’ Demands and Denies Them Trump’s Tax Returns

Mnuchin shot down House Democrats on Wednesday when he sent a letter to the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Richard Neal, saying the Treasury Department isn’t ready to comply with Democrats’ demand for Trump’s tax returns.

On April 3, Neal requested the tax returns and several other tax-related documents by April 10, but Mnuchin denied Neal’s request.

“The Committee requests the materials by April 10, but the Treasury Department will not be able to complete its review of your request by that date,” Mnuchin said.

Mnuchin went on to slam Democrats by claiming their request is “politically motivated,” an “abuse of authority” and “sets a dangerous precedent by targeting a single individual’s confidential tax returns and associated financial documents for disclosure.”

The treasury secretary cited statements from the previous Republican-controlled Committee on Ways and Means, which said that such a request is an “abuse of authority” and “”

“The legal implications of this request could affect protections for all American against politically-motivated disclosures of personal tax information, regardless of which party is in power,” Mnuchin wrote.

Everyone know at this point, it is another politically motivated witch hunt.

Do you even thing they are interested in the content of the returns? It seems like they were very interested in Robert Mueller’s “Russian collusion” investigation findings, but when it didn’t support their narrative and exposed 2 years of wild claims as nothing but a hoax, they turned up their nose at it.

This is more of a power trip just to show they can get their hands on Trump’s tax returns without his approval.

Do they really believe a well-known public figure and billionaire like Trump, who is under perpetual audit, avoided paying his legal, fair share of taxes?

We already know from one leaked tax return he paid a higher rate than Democrats and congress do. Even a higher rate than Obama!

There is no reason why the Treasury Department should give in to their demands. It is not Democrat’s or the liberal media’s business. They would never be satisfied and they would move on to some other show of demand or start some new wild conspiracy story.

It’s great that Mnuchin is putting his foot down and cutting off another ridiculous demand from the left.

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