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Bette Midler Disparages Black People Who Attend Trump Rally: ‘How Much Did He Pay Them?’


Actress Bette Midler, who is far from being known for her intelligence, tweeted out a racist remark which suggested some black people, who were attending a Trump rally, were being paid to be there. She topped of her remark using the racial slur “blackground.”

“Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground?’” Midler tweeted in a caption accompanying the image of the Trump rally.

Midler’s tweet set off a barrage of criticism from twitter users who called her out for her blatant racism.

Political commentator Dave Rubin lectured Midler about how black people may have their own opinions and don’t necessarily prescribe to “group think.”

“Hi Bette. Maybe you’re not aware but some black people think differently than Progressive dogma wants them to think. Black people are individuals like you or me, with a varied set of opinions. Happy to discuss sometime. Loved you in First Wives Club…” Rubin tweeted.

More from other Twitter users:

It’s amazing that there are so many white elite Hollywood celebrities who pick and choose when they speak respectfully about black people and when they don’t. The liberal media turns a blind eye to racist comments coming from a white leftist celebrity, while they would eviscerate a white conservative politician or celebrity for saying the same.

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