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My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell May Run Against Ilhan Omar

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Ilhan Omar have a year full of scandals.

Earlier this year, a report claimed that Ilhan Omar and Ahmed Hirsi filed joint tax returns in at least 2014-2015.

Yet Ilhan Omar was legally married to another man from 2009-2017.

A sitting congresswoman may have filed EIGHT YEARS of fraudulent, felonious, tax returns.

The Democrats denied the alleged indiscretions, though the complaints were still unconfirmed to the public at the time.

As The Daily Caller reported a couple of months back that Minnesota Democrats who are angry and offended at Rep. Ilhan Omar for her string of comments about Jews and Israel are reportedly considering squelching her next nomination and running a different candidate in her place.

It seems that even if the Dems decide to stick with her she could be defeated if MyPllow CEO Mike Lindell decide to run and he showed some serious intention in his last interview.

In an interview with Sara Carter on “The Sara Carter Show” on Friday he said:

There’s things going on you don’t even see,” he said. “And I will tell you this, I’m going to do so much in Minnesota over the next year and a half, you won’t even see any blue.”

Lindell called the state “ground zero” under Omar’s leadership citing her targeting of many local companies.

“I just want the people to get to know the good things that are going on,” said Lindell. Moreover, he said he plans to hold rallies across the state to celebrate the Trump Administration’s booming economy.

When Carter asked if he would ever run for office, Lindell responded, “I always say, I’ve been asked that a million times and, you know what, if I prayed about it and God had me go that direction, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Ultimately, Lindell said it’s “a story of hope, help, and mentorship, and it’s going to change this country.”

Mike Lindell, Trump supporter, American patriot and supporter of the pro-life movement is considering running for office.

Things couldn’t get better for conservatives in Minnesota.

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