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BREAKING: CNN Caught Editing Out Eyewitness Testimony of Election Voter Fraud

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As California refuses to comply with a Trump administration investigation into how many illegal aliens voted in the presidential election, CNN was caught deliberately editing out eyewitness testimony of voter fraud.

In part 3 of Project Veritas’ “American Pravda” series, James O’Keefe reveals how he was sent the full hour and a half audio from a CNN public forum hosted by Alisyn Camerota about Donald Trump’s first 60 days in office.

The eight minute segment that was aired on March 30 included forum member William Baer saying that he personally witnessed people being bused in to vote on election day, but the segment went on to portray the man as a conspiracy theorist.

However, the part CNN omitted included Baer mentioning James O’Keefe’s previous undercover work into election fraud that exposed how easy it is for anyone to vote illegally as well as his own eyewitness testimony when Baer stated, “I was actually a poll watcher in New Jersey and I saw what was going on there,” before he goes on to describe how he saw students voting without proper ballots.

“At the moment Baer is about to cite the evidence to support his claim, CNN ends the clip,” comments O’Keefe, adding, “The piece suggests that Baer did not have a legitimate answer to Camerota’s question – in actuality the answer was cut because it didn’t fit their narrative – this is a textbook lie of omission.”

Trump was relentlessly attacked by the media after the election when he claimed that he would have won the popular vote if millions of illegal aliens hadn’t voted for Hillary Clinton.

Ever since then, Trump’s assertion that millions of illegals voted has been called a “fake news” conspiracy theory.

If it’s all just a conspiracy theory, why is California refusing to take part in an investigation? Something to hide?

Watch the video below starting at the 5:20 mark:

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