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Caught On Video: GOP Senate Candidate Defends Elderly Woman Attacked By A Democrat Activist Who Is A Convicted Sex Criminal – The MSM Is Painting Him As The Villain

Blake Masters, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona, forcefully ejected a Democratic activist from a GOP mixer last weekend, according to video footage of the event.

The incident took place at a meet-and-greet for Republican candidates in Green Valley, Arizona, on Saturday night. Peter Jackson, a 73-year-old Democratic activist, went to the event wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt and a button reading “fully vaxxed”; he was immediately confronted after he tried to attack an elderly woman.

Despite taking action into his own hands to help the elderly woman from being further attacked, left-wing journalists and activists targeted Masters, painting him as the villain.

The group began screaming at him to leave, calling him a “hypocrite” and telling him he was unwelcome. The footage then shows a woman filming Jackson with her cellphone.

Jackson is then ejected from the room and thrown to the ground; someone yells “Lock the door!” Another person then says he “hit a lady.” The footage did not appear to show Jackson striking anyone.

Masters defended his actions and said that he was acting in self-defense.

“This guy hit a woman in the jaw. I saw it, clear as day. He should not have done that!” Masters said on Twitter Wednesday.

In a statement to local media, Masters confirmed he “intervened and put an end” to Jackson’s behavior.

“A left-wing activist came to a Republican event, started harassing people, and then hit a woman,” Masters told Green Valley News in a statement. “I intervened and put an end to that. He was subsequently detained by the police and cited for assault. Let me be clear: if you come to an event I’m at and attack a woman, it’s going to be a bad day for you.”

Here’s Blake Masters defending an elderly woman from a 73-year-old convicted sex criminal who has a history of assaulting women.
You can watch the video below:

Turns out the leftist activist in this video is a CONVICTED SEX CRIMINAL.

This sick person in the BLM shirt sexually assaulted his own daughter – before assaulting a woman at the GOP mixer.

Good reaction Blake!