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Watch Cop TASER Obnoxious Loudmouth Welfare Queen Outside of Welfare Office (Video)

Some people think it’s okay to disrespect law enforcement because of the right to free speech in this country.

They think they are immune to consequences for the way they behave.

Well, this cop made it clear that he is NOT okay with being disrespected.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a woman wouldn’t stop disobeying, disrespecting, and shrieking at a guard. He gave her several warnings to stop acting out, but she ignored them.

That’s when he was forced to use his taser.

The woman was tasered in front of her children by the security guard when she refused to “back it up”. The video starts out with the two women yelling at the security guard for speaking to their children.

The security guard tells the two women repeatedly to leave but they don’t listen.

You betta back it up.

The situation quickly escalates when the mother approaches the store again and begins to fight with the guard. The children are heard crying in horror as their mother fights mall security. Then, the guard pulls out a taser gun and blasts the mom in front of her kids.

The video is a big hit online. Do you think the security guard was justified in his use of the taser?

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