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DEMOCRACY DENIED: YouTube Star Tossed as Precinct Captain by GOP for Pro-Wall Beliefs

In Eastern Washington, a local Republican Party has pissed on the idea of representative democracy. In a show of fealty to the mainstream media and other anti-MAGA interests, the Whitman County Republican Party central committee voted to boot right-wing activist James Allsup from his duly elected position as a precinct committee officer (PCO) on Saturday.

“Identity Europa has a policy of … taking advantage of the PCO system and conquering a party from the bottom up,” former committee chairman John Brabb said. “They have some pretty radical views on immigration that do not fit with our standards.”

Allsup has been a staunch advocate of building a wall on the Mexican border. He even built a wall on campus at Washington State University where he is now an alumnus, in a stunt that garnered national media attention. He is also a alt-media star who has a YouTube page with an impressive reach – amassing over 400,000 subscribers in a short period of time.

An intelligent party with a mind for growing its base for the long haul would have happily embraced a man with this impressive pedigree. Instead, in true cuckservative fashion, the GOP is calling him a Nazi without evidence in a pathetic attempt to virtue signal for their enemies.

“This gentleman does not represent the Republican Party in Whitman County or in Eastern Washington or in my opinion across the nation,” Whitman County Commissioner Art Swannick said. “He represents a radical Nazi, white supremacist-type activity that my mom, who was a German immigrant, opposed all the way through World War II. … I do not believe he should be seated here.”

They even noted that Allsup was a quality activist who did important work in 2016 when Trump unexpectedly defeated Hillary Clinton to secure the presidency. Now that he is no longer needed, Allsup is being thrown under the bus for the purposes of expediency. It’s the establishment GOP way.

“(Allsup) was a great assistance to the central committee in the 2016 election,” Brabb noted, “from that point on has dropped off the deep end.”

Completely undaunted by the shameful situation, Allsup addressed this matter in a Facebook post. Allsup believes that he and other young people are at the center of a transformation that will change American conservative politics forever, and these are merely the growing pains.

“The GOP can no longer be the party of going-along-to-getting along, held in paralysis by their addiction to seeking approval from leftists that already hate them. If this country is going to be saved, the American right must be courageous and act unapologetically in our best interests,” Allsup wrote.

Allsup believes that the push-back against him is evidence of a last, desperate gasp from the GOP’s old guard who “mindlessly repeat leftist media talking points and are too feeble-minded to think for themselves.” The next generation is going to send these wretched people – who stood idly by while America was gang raped in front of our very eyes – into the dustbin of history where they will be remembered as the Benedict Arnold’s of their day!

“‘Respectable conservatism’ is, quite literally, dying off. The future of the American right- if it is to have one- is nationalistic & identitarian in nature,” Allsup added. “We will replace you.”

The rise of Donald J. Trump, if nothing else, forced these traitorous snakes to show their stripes under the pressure. They can now be rooted out in the years to come. We all owe a great debt to 45 and his movement for achieving this!

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