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Mueller Team Gets Slapped with Criminal Complaint

by Daveda Gruber:

Karma can really be a BITCH! Jerome Corsi was the onetime Washington bureau chief of the right-wing website Infowars.

On Monday the conservative author Corsi filed a “criminal and ethics complaint” against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Corsi accused investigators of trying to bully him into giving “false testimony” against President Trump.

Corsi had threatened with filing the complaint for days and now it has happened.

The 78-page document is asserting the existence of a “slow-motion coup against the president.” It was filed to a range of top law enforcement officials. The officials include Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, D.C.’s U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu and the Bar Disciplinary Counsel.

In the complaint it states, “Dr. Corsi has been criminally threatened and coerced to tell a lie and call it the truth.”

Corsi is the writer of the anti-President Obama book “The Obama Nation.”

The book is connected with political operative Roger Stone.

Corsi has been claiming for the past week that he was being improperly pressured by Mueller’s team to strike a plea deal. He now says he won’t sign it.

According to Corsi’s complaint, the Mueller team wanted him to demonstrate that he acted as a liaison between Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Also they wanted him to link the Trump campaign on the other side in regards to the release of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee.

The complaint states that Mueller’s office is now “knowingly and deceitfully threatening to charge Dr. Corsi with an alleged false statement,” unless he gives them “false testimony” against Trump and others.

An alleged threat of a false statement charge, according to the complaint, has to do with a July 2016 email from Stone asking him to “get to” Assange and get the pending emails.

Corsi’s complaint says he was unable to initially give “accurate” testimony on that point, until he could reload emails on his laptop.

In the complaint it says that he later amended his answers.

In an interview last week with Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Corsi said Mueller’s team “was happy” with his answers until he couldn’t “give them what they wanted.”

When Mueller spokesman Peter Carr was asked about Monday’s complaint, he said they would decline to comment. A Justice Department spokesman also declined to comment.

Here is the document as posted by FOX News:

Jerome Corsi files complain… by on Scribd

As part of complaint, Corsi’s legal team included a draft court filing from Mueller’s team to be used for Corsi to plead guilty to making false statements. This was used as part of complaint.

That document includes an Aug. 2, 2016 email between Corsi and Stone. Corsi mentions Assange and the impending release of hacked emails.

Corsi wrote to Stone, “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps.” This was written about 10 weeks before Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails were released.

On Monday Corsi’s lawyers denied that Corsi had inside knowledge and was colluding with Assange. In the complaint they make the argument that Corsi “logically colluded” more emails would be released.

The complaint reads, “Employing his professional skills and considerable experience as an analyst and investigative journalist, Dr. Corsi logically concluded that WikiLeaks would release Podesta’s emails soon in a second round ‘data dump’ from the same group of DNC emails stolen on July 5, 2016.”

Corsi said that he has had “no contact with Julian Assange whatsoever.”

The complaint is the most recent sign of turmoil between Mueller’s team and investigation targets and witnesses.

The team recently accused ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of breaching his plea deal by lying to investigators.

The special counsel’s office astounded Washington last week with the disclosure that it had struck a plea deal with former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Cohen is speaking to investigators about Trump’s possible real estate endeavors in Russia along with other topics.

Trump maintained his stance that there is no collusion. Trump has referred to Mueller’s investigation as a “witch hunt”.

This new incident shows the probe is focusing more closely on Trump himself.

Trump did not go without putting in his thoughts on Twitter:

I believe it is time for this probe to come to an end. If I feel that way, can you imagine how our president feels?