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Video: Border Patrol, Take Note – Here’s How Egyptian Soldiers Respond to Gaza Citizen’s Illegal Border Crossing

Tens of thousands of displaced and exhausted Palestinians have packed up their tents and other belongings and fled the southern city of Rafah for other parts of Gaza, according to the United Nations.

But that’s what the United Nations claims!

In reality there are refugees everywhere especially at their border with Egypt!

Egypt, however, has warned against an influx of refugees. It facilitates humanitarian aid into Gaza, but has said a mass exodus of Palestinians out of Gaza into Egypt is a red line, saying it fears Israel might never let the Palestinians go back.

So unlike our Border Patrol Egypt’s soldiers have a totally different approach to illegals!
A video went viral on Wednesday evening showing a shirtless teenage Palestinian boy entering the Rafah border crossing into Egyptian territory and suffering harsh treatment from Egyptian soldiers.

Video below:

Below we have a Feb. 18 satellite photo which shows displaced Palestinians crammed into southern Gaza on the right. Israel is threatening to attack the border town of Rafah, where more than 1 million Palestinians are now living. On the left is the vast, empty expanse of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Egypt says it won’t allow Palestinians into Egypt because it fears they might not be allowed back into Gaza.

Unlike Egypt President Biden’s administration is considering its options for letting Palestinian refugees into the United States. That comes as Israel continues its war against Hamas in Gaza, and the United States has warned Israel to protect Palestinian civilians. An observer of the U.S. deliberations says any move by President Biden is likely to be narrowly drawn.

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