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Democratic Governor To Propose Increasing Gas Tax To $0.45 To Fix Roads

Democrats sure know how to waste our money. It doesn’t matter if they run for congress for Governors or President their campaigns are the same based only on lies and nothing more.

Real Americans in Michigan have to move out because of the increased anti-American population, but like that wasn’t enough they now have faced increased gas prices!

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ran on a campaign to fix the state’s crumbling roads and now has announced her plan to do so with a $0.45 per gallon gas tax.

Whitmer told her cabinet she will propose an increase of the gas tax a total of $0.45 centers per gallon.

Currently, Michigan’s gas tax is $0.26 cents. Whitmer’s proposal would increase the tax 15 cents in the first six months, 15 cents in the next six months, and then another 15 cents in the year after.

The plan would bring the total gas tax from $0.26 per gallon to $0.71 per gallon.

Whitmer ran on a promise to change all that. Whitmer said in November after being elected Governor that there were two ways to get it done: work with legislators to get the road funding done or ask voters to approve a bond plan.

But what she promised and what she is doing are two different things and now the people of Michigan are going to pay for it!

I would be surprised to learn that the money on the tax before was really going to the roads, let alone this new tax. One wonders why she didn’t announce this brilliant solution while she was running for Governor?

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