Home Politics Democrats Supported and Paid for Border Wall on Mexican Border …With Guatemala!

Democrats Supported and Paid for Border Wall on Mexican Border …With Guatemala!

President Trump tweeted many times about the reluctance of fools or those with a political agenda to build a wall on the US border with Mexico.

Again, the President is correct. Democrats do appear to have a political agenda to not build the wall along the US Southern border.

Democrats are okay with building walls on other countries’ borders, just not the US border.

The shocker is that Democrats have supported a wall on the Mexican border – with Guatemala. The Democrats in 2016 stated how proud they were to spend more than $750 million to our southern friends for God knows what. A contingent of Congressmen and women, including Speaker Pelosi, visited with the Mexican President and stated [emphasis added] –

…this last Congress, in December, we appropriated $750 [million] to help the Northern Triangle countries. Some are going to say to make sure it goes out as fast as possible, but it’s $750 million dollars to address the issues – the core issues that we have. In the past, we also have appropriated money to help Mexico secure its southern border with Guatemala. And again, I think, the message here is we have got to look at it as a regional perspective. We also have been to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, even Costa Rica with the Cubanos that are coming in largely through Laredo. So what we’re doing is – we want to look at this as a regional approach, work with Mexico and Central America to address these security issues and migration issues.”

We know Congress is more than happy to give money to Mexico and Central America. In December Paul Ryan’s Congress announced providing $10.6 billion for these countries. Unfortunately, even then there was no money for a US – Mexico border wall.

The Democrats and establishment Republicans are insane. They can build walls on Mexico’s southern border but for some unknown reason are not willing to do so to protect the people living in the United States.
Can’t make this stuff up.

The Democrats wanted The Wall before. Now they are against it. Why the flip?