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Dem’s Narrative Destroyed by Migrant Recruiter: It’s ‘Never Been Easier’ To Get Illegals Into The US

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President Trump tweeted many times about the reluctance of fools or those with a political agenda to build a wall on the US border with Mexico.

Again, the President is correct. Democrats do appear to have a political agenda to not build the wall along the US Southern border.

Democrats are okay with building walls on other countries’ borders, just not the US border.

But the wall on our southern border is not something we can wait for much longer because the latest reports are just scary.

Word is spreading among Central Americans that, if one reaches the U.S.-Mexico border with a child and claims asylum, it’s fairly easy to evade deportation.

“It’s never been easier for us to get families in,” Germán, a client recruiter for human smugglers, said in an interview with The Guardian. Germán works in Huehuetenango, a Guatemalan district that has experienced the highest rate of migration in the country.
“People want to leave, and we help them,” said Germán, 34. “And I happen to make money in the process.”

Germán offers his clients a range of travel options for getting across Mexico. His packages range from $11,00 to $7,800 and can even go cheaper if migrants are willing to take routes that are notoriously deadly.

Those cheaper routes “are where you’re more likely to get robbed by organized crime, kidnapped, raped or killed for your organs,” Germán explained. “We don’t recommend those routes, but we give people their options.”

“We know people who left just last month and are already in the United States and working,” Agustín Marcos, a 44-year-old Guatemalan citizen who is considering leaving, said to The Guardian. It’s not only cheaper if he brings his daughter, according to Marcos, but he feels it will increase his chances of getting into the U.S.

“On my own, [the smuggler’s will] charge me $11,700, but if I go with her, it’s $5,200 for both of us and it’ll be easier to get in,” he said.

Time to find who is really paying these 10k plus smuggling fees for so-called poor distressed people! This stinks of leftist funded plotting and if so it’s treason

We need to end this border crisis!

I say close the border and rewrite immigration laws. If you enter illegally, you will be deported with no chance of ever entering legally.

Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

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