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DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Reveals The Number Of Illegals Who Will Invade Our Border This Year (Video)

Illegal immigration is a clear and present danger not just to America, but to the whole world.

But when it comes to our southern border we should expect a real hell down there this year!

Testifying before Congress Wednesday, Nielsen told the House Committee on Homeland Security that there is a “real serious and sustained crisis at our borders.”

“Make no mistake, this chain of human misery is getting worse.” Nielsen said, adding that “the numbers of apprehension at our southern border have spiked again substantially.”

“Since late last year, we have been seeing 50,000 to 60,000 migrants arrive at our southern border each month. But in February, we saw a 30 percent jump over the previous month, with agents apprehending or encountering nearly 75,000 aliens. This is an 80 percent increase over the same time last year.” Nielsen explained.

“The projections are dire,” she said. “The agency is now on track to apprehend more migrants crossing illegally in the first six months of this fiscal year than the entirety of [fiscal year 2017]. And at the current pace, we are on track to encounter close to one million illegal aliens at our southern border this year.”


It’s shameful what the politicians have allowed to happen domestically. Our demise will happen from within. We are currently watching it happen.

Reality is that illegal immigrants come to America for the entitlements only. Land of Opportunity… Yes, ripping off the American Taxpayer in supporting and their many American-born children. But sadly, they are still loyal to their native country…

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