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Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Bernie Sanders With His Latest Tweet And It’s Hilarious (Video)



The apple doesn’t fall far from the three.

Donald Trump Jr. is very similar to his father especially when it comes to mocking the Dems.

This morning he tweeted a hilarious video of Bernie Sanders punching a boxing bag .

This wouldn’t exactly strike fear in the minds of our adversaries. Imagine this guy sitting accross the table negotiating with world leaders? Trump Jr. tweeted.

Sanders looks like he’s drunk here & can’t even stand on his feet.

How embarrassing. Worse than Obama trying to lift the 5-pound hand weights with that grimacing look on his face, which reminds me of Trudeau and his argyle pink socks and crossed legs.

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  1. GOOD grief. I’m 76 and that is totally embarrassing. Someone please send these old leftist losers to the glue factory.

    • I have a few years on you and even I know enough to dodge the bounceback. That guy Sanders has probably never been close to one of those before.

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