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‘I am Antifa’ Professor Who Posted A Desire To Hit Trump With Baseball Bat Resigns


Last week President Trump decided to warn Antifa.

Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.” Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!

Even so the rally in Portland was a disaster as people from both sites clashed and there was only 14 arrested when there should have been a lot more.

Antifa is everywhere, it’s in our school system for sure.

From Fox News:

college professor in Iowa openly declared his support for the violent far-left Antifa movement after coming under fire for inflammatory social media posts that included the desire to bash President Trump with a baseball bat.

His comments caused a huge storm through the conservative media.

Today it was reported that he lost his job.

Jeff Klinzman, an adjunct English professor at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, resigned Tuesday. The school said in a statement it accepted his resignation and has an instructor who will teach Klinzman’s one course this semester. The decision to name a new instructor for Klinzman’s course was based on securing a safe learning environment for students and staff, not on the professor’s politics or his right to express his views, the statement said.

Maybe President’s Trump idea of proclaiming Antifa as terrorist organization is not bad.

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  1. This is a good start. However, this idiot professor made a specific threat of violence against the President, right down to specifically mentioning his choice of a weapon. He should now get a visit from the Secret Service as well.

  2. Really needs a visit from the FBI. He stated he got cut off in his car by a young man and it was probably the time to buy a snub nose 38 revolver. If this is not a red light to the authorities, I’d like to know what is? Are they waiting until he shoots someone! Kudos to the state college for standing up to this sort of rhetoric.

    • It is unconstitutional to deny someone their 22nd Amendment rights on the basis of that person’s expressed intent on purchasing a legal gun, without evidence of criminal intent or mental disability. Red Light Slippery Slope!

      • And this is how we got parkland everyone heard and knew but didn’t act on it. If you see something tell someone, isn’t that what they are always harping on.. if this guy is posting this sh-t, he putting himself out there. So yeah check him out, let him know someone is paying attention.

  3. AntiFa are the modern Brown Shirt. They are all about the suppression of free speech by intimidation. AntiFa are clearly a terrorist organization. Labelling them for what they are is a start. But the next step is to do with them what the FBI did with the KKK, infiltrate them, track their moves, apprehend them in crimes, indict, convict and imprison them. Turn them against each other. Put every last member in jail.

    • We know that they are being taught how and when to perform their activism by OFI (and other organizations). OFI is Obama’s Foundation, funneling money to the extremists.

  4. He wasn’t really a professor, he was a warm body hired off the streets by a community college to fill an instructor’s slot for one course, so that the course could be offered and the college could cash state’s money.

  5. no, he should be arrested and sent to prison like anyone else that threatens harm to the President. He is the epitome of Evil. He and his kind are Fascists. Domestic terrorists.

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