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European Politician Demolishes Triggered Liberal Reporter: ‘Our Country Is Safe Because We Accept ZERO Illegals’ (VIDEO)

Illegal immigration is a clear and present danger not just to America, but to the whole world. Luckily, Poland knows this.

Dominik Tarczyński, a member of Poland’s Law and Justice party was recently interviewed by Britain’s Channel 4. Tarczyński then declared the obvious: that his country is safe because it refused to accept illegal Muslim migrants.

From the video, it became obvious that there is no neutrality in this interview and it is held for a certain purpose. Channel 4 host Cathy Newman, asked Tarczyński how many refugees Poland has taken. Tarczyński answer: “zero”.

When Newman asks him if he is proud of that, he says: “If you’re asking me about illegal Muslim migrants not even one will come to Poland, if it’s illegal.”

He explained that his country has accepted already 2 million Ukrainians are working peacefully in the country, but added that Poland will not receive even one Muslim, because that is what “we’ve promised”.

“We will not receive not even one Muslim because this is what we’ve promised,” Tarczyński said.

Newman: “You sound proud of the fact that you haven’t taken any refugees!”

Tarczyński responded: “Of course, because this is what our people expecting from our government. That is number one. This is why our government was elected. This is why Poland is so safe! This is the reason why we had not even one terrorist attack.”

A government protecting its own people instead of replacing them. That is an example America need to follow. When we have legal Americans protesting in the streets calling for the abolishment of ICE and open borders–we have problems America!

A journalist from a country full of terror attacks tries to racist-shame Poland, a terror-free country, who is doing exactly what the people of Poland want. The UK didn’t ask their citizens what they wanted…they told them what they were getting & “racist-shamed” anyone who even though there might be a problem. Poland will have tourists. Force-Fed UK? Not so much.

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