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Facts vs. Lies

Let the spin begin!


Ever since Donald J. Trump was sworn in as President of the United States of America, the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the leftist media have been on a mission to destroy the Trump Presidency.

We have watched them go from Russia Collusion, the Mueller Report, and now the Ukraine Phone Call. No matter what the Democrats threw at the wall, NOTHING suck. In fact, it came back to cover the Democrats with their own lies and filth.

Laura Ingraham laid it all out on her Friday, December 6, 2019 show on Fox News.

Next week should be quite interesting to watch how the Democrats respond to the release of the FISA report. They have been trying to cut any bad news off at the knees the past few days, and they are even going to hold more hearings next week to hopefully distract from what is in the FISA report.

Do you have your popcorn and favorite beverage ready for the show? It’s sure to be a blast to watch the Democrats scamper for cover. #DrainTheSwamp #Trump2020

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