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Farmer Sprays Poop On Emma Thompson For Trespassing On His Land!

Farmer Sprays Poop on Protesters

Just a farmer taking care of his land. They had no right to be there.

Farmers do this. The odor is really bad but it’s great for the land. Trespassers not so much.

So today something really strange happened!

Despite courts telling her that she couldn’t come onto private property to host her fracking protest, Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson obviously thought she was above the law given her celebrity status.

Defiantly entering a local farm along with her sister Sophie and a small group of other protesters, the two spoiled brats then set up their bake sale where they displayed energy-themed cakes as part of a Greenpeace-backed protest stunt.

But the farmer who owned the land wasn’t having it. And shortly after witnessing the trespassers, he cranked up his tractor, firing up the manure sprayer that was hooked to the back of it.

You’ll just have to watch what happens next because it’s hilarious!


There’s a correct way to protest and a wrong way. Trespassing and setting up shop in the middle of a farmers field without the owner’s consent is just plain dumb.

I just don’t understand how these left extremists think that their cause is so great that they can break laws. Karma in a tank sprayer, I would’ve back that tank “slowly” right into the tents and covered everything!

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