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Federal Judge Appointed By Obama Blocks President Trump From Allocating Military Funds to Build a Border Wall


It was huge news back in March when the Pentagon notified Congress that they have authorized the transfer of up to $1 billion to begin new border wall construction.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan notified Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen of the transfer in a letter that the funds will go toward building a 57-mile wall that will block “up to 11 drug-smuggling corridors along the border.

Well, it seems that President Trump will have troubles using these funds yet again!

A federal Judge From California Judge Haywood Gilliam has blocked the White House from using military funds to build a border wall.

The judge had previously issued a temporary injunction after President Trump issued a national emergency and announced that he would use Defense Department funds to build the wall and secure the southern border of the US.

Gilliam was nominated by Obama and confirmed in 2014. He donated to Obama’s campaign in 2008, sending $4,600 to Obama for America and $2,300 to the Obama Victory Fund, according to federal election records. Additionally, “Gilliam donated additional funds to Obama’s re-election campaign, sending $13,500 to Obama for America and Obama Victory Fund 2012. He also donated $4,500 to the Democratic National Committee. From 2012 to November 2014, he sent $3,100 to the Covington and Burling LLP PAC,” according to a report from the Epoch Times.

It seems that the Dems will never stop, and President Trump will have to try a lot harder to win this battle!

We know there has been a sharp increase of illegal aliens being apprehended at the border and it has exhausted the manpower we have there.

Does anyone even know how many are getting through? How many of them have violent criminal records? How many drugs are coming through?

It has been reported that many people who live along stretches of insecure border are afraid to speak out about the criminal elements coming across in their areas.

A wall will go a long way to give these law abiding citizens peace of mind and protect our country from the most ruthless of criminals, like MS-13 members.

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