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Hispanic Protester in MAGA Hat Yells at Ocasio-Cortez to Do Something About the Border (Video)

Illegal immigration is a huge problem for every American citizen!

A lot of Hispanics don’t like illegal immigration either.

A video surfaced today on the internet which confirms that Hispanic that came here legally hate illegals the most!

In the video, we can see a Hispanic protester was wearing a Trump MAGA hat and screamed at AOC, “Piece of sh*t! Do your job. Do something about the wall!” as she entered the El Paso CPB facility.


AOC is Full of It! My understanding is that she spent the total time of about 3 minutes in the facility. This was just a Pandering Opportunity to garner sympathy. Also, she doesn’t have any Constituents that she answers to down here in Texas.

This falls squarely on the Congress! Democrats control the House and have refused to do anything to stop this. They “Refuse” to fund the wall, we’re going to refuse to fund; for Border Protection & Facilities, for all these Invaders. Pres. Trump has put this back in the Dem’s court to address this, at least a half a dozen times now. Even before they went on Summer Break they were going to not fund the Border.

Lastly, We didn’t ask these people to come here. They came Illegally on their own accord. Don’t like it, then GO HOME!

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