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Hunter Biden Admits In Newly Leaked Text Messages That He Was Under Investigation By The FBI For Being ‘Abusive Pedophile With Homicidal Tendencies

Hunter Biden shows himself to be a real first son-of-a-gun in the latest embarrassing personal video leak for President Biden’s scandal-scarred offspring.

A naked Hunter casually waves around a handgun and even points it at the camera while cavorting with a nude hooker in a swank hotel room, according to video provided to The New York Post by the nonprofit Marco Polo research group.

The cavalier clip of Hunter Biden holding the gun emerged amid the rash of mass shootings.

The photos and footage showing Hunter Biden aiming the weapon at a camera at one point comes amid a rash of mass shootings throughout the US, including at least 11 on Saturday and Sunday alone that left at least 15 people dead and 61 injured, data shows.

Photos below:

RadarOnline.com has confirmed the veracity of the new data dump from his iPhone backup. It was first reported byThe Washington Examiner.

Now more details emerge from the leaked text messages!

Hunter Biden told his lover, the wife of his dead brother, that he was under investigation by the feds for being “an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies.”

The revelation that he had been portrayed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by an unknown person as a “pedophile” is a sensational never-before-told development in the leaked laptop scandal.

“You now have me as an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies,” he told Hallie Biden via text message on October 23, 2018,

“I hate you for what you have done to me,” Hunter, at the time 48, added. “I won’t ever recover from all of this. I’m too tired. This is the way you love me.”

His sister-in-law-turned-lover responded: “Yes it is. I am scared for your life hunt(er). I love you. I’m sorry.”

It will most certainly raise more questions than provide answers. It will also undoubtedly fuel questions from GOP lawmakers over what law enforcement knew about Hunter and whether they abused power to cover up the scandal for his dad, President Joe Biden.