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Video: Maxine Waters Looks Like James Brown Dun Got Reassignment Surgery

Last week in Los Angeles, Congresswoman Maxine Waters joined Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional delegation in attending the Ninth Summit of the Americas, the only meeting between national leaders of the North and South American continents and a critical forum to discuss and address the region’s shared challenges and opportunities.

Our delegation was a total disgrace with Biden leading the pack!

Maxine Waters however came in close second after she was caught on a video where she looks like James Brown dun got reassignment surgery!

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters was getting ready to speak up about the House Democrats’ plan and efforts to build a sustainable, resilient and equitable future in the Western Hemisphere.

But it seems that she as well as Biden were not there at all!

Video below:

Maybe COVID-19 gave her that facial expression!

Maxine Waters and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both tested positive again for COVID-19 after attending the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles last week.

The Los Angeles congresswoman confirmed the positive test result with a statement she released Tuesday morning.

“Yesterday, after learning of a potential exposure at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, I was notified that I tested positive for COVID,” she said. “I am currently isolating and have no symptoms.”

The Los Angeles congresswoman had just tested positive for COVID back in April. It’s unclear where Waters may have been exposed to the virus at that time.