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If You Ask Your Android To Sing A Song, It Sings A Creepy Vaccine Song (Videos)

Apparently, if you have an android and ask it to sing a song, it sings a creepy vaccine song.

When the option was first introduced back in May you had to say “sing the vaccine song,”

Now you can listen to the song yourself by only asking Google Assistant to “sing a song,”  we also have records from people doing it.

Take a listen.

Videos below:

A popular Twitter account the Lbs Of Tik Tok decided to ask the same question and the replies show that this is real and it can also sing the song while your screen is locked:

The music got a fun beat with a kind of creepy-sounding snare. I’d also call the synths “tastefully restrained.” Assistant will also, I discovered, sing the song in either a male- or female-sounding voice, depending on your settings. The range!

Unfortunately, the lyrics aren’t great. If you’re not able to listen, here’s a sample:



The feature is said to work with Google Assistant on smartphones and Home/Nest speakers as first spotted by Android Police. Users can just say, “Hey Google, sing a song” to hear the song. Users can also get the Assistant to sing the song in a male or female singer’s voice depending on their settings. The lyrics are said to give credit to the scientists, who worked on developing the vaccine, as well as the frontline workers. Though the lyrics do not seem to be anything to write home about.

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