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Ilhan Omar Mocks The GOP For ‘Losing Their Minds’ Over 3 Muslims In Congress


Rep. Ilhan Omar just made the ludicrous claim that the Israeli government prevented her and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib from doing their “job” last week by refusing them entry to the Jewish state.

“Let’s be clear: the goal of our trip was to witness firsthand what is happening on the ground in Palestine and hear from stakeholders —our job as Members of Congress,” Omar wrote in a tweet.

Now some members of the congress want to address this issue and point out that members of the congress should take care of America first.

Omar responded by mocking Republican Rep. Mo Brooks Friday after he said that more Muslims in office is leading to more anti-Semitism.

“Oh it’s fine, it’s just a Republican who says something bigoted!” the Minnesota congresswoman tweeted.

In a follow up tweet, she wrote, “Also, if they are losing their minds over three Muslims in a body of 535, wonder what happens when there is 20 or more.”

No Omar is wrong, we see the results of you ignoring your oath, and promoting your personal agendas. We Americans are accepting of all people that support our countries constitution, values, laws, and freedoms that make us a great country. You have shown to be against those virtues.

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  1. Isn’t it about time someone pointed out that Islam’s so-called prophet was actually a serial killing, beheading, torturing, enslaving, and raping bisexual pedophile psychopath?

  2. thats 3 TOO FOOKIN MANY we should not have one FOOKIN MOOSLUM in congress…period! Take it to the bank

  3. “…wonder what happens when there is 20 or more.” Don’t have to wonder you effing POS I will give you the answer. CIVIL WAR… patriots will not allow your kind to take over our House. There will be bloodshed as we have never seen since the 1860s. If your bunch of ingrates were thankful and pro-American, there would be no problem, but your kind is against the principles and values that made America great.You will never stand for our country you filthy pig, as much as you stand for islam and North Africa.

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