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Images: Suspect A Rogue Juror, #54, Foreperson, Is Holding Back Acquittal Here Are Her Leaked Notes From The Trial

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The judge in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has banned MSNBC from the court over allegations a producer tried to follow jurors.

Judge Bruce Schroeder said Thursday he received a report from the Kenosha Police Department that police pulled over a person identifying themselves as an MSNBC producer for running a red light the night before, and the producer claimed “he had been instructed” to “follow the jury bus.” The matter is still under investigation, but Schroeder said he was banning anyone from MSNBC from the building for the rest of the trial.

“This is a very serious matter, and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is,” he said. “But absolutely it would go without much thinking that someone who is following the jury bus, that is [an] extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities for further action.”

Video below:

However, this wasn’t the only thing that was suspicious during the trial!

As Law Of Self Defense reported there wasn’t much real action yesterday, with the exception of a couple of notable events, and the fact that that we’re dealing with a single hold-out juror for guilt, and that this juror is #54, the foreperson.

From the Law Of Self Defense:

My Suspicion: Juror #54, Foreperson, Is the Holdout Against Acquittal

I have a growing suspicion that this jury has not yet arrived at a unanimous verdict of acquittal only because of the resistance of juror #54, a woman who also happens to be the foreperson, who seems to be the hold-out against acquittal.

The jury selection risk to Kyle was always going to be that a “mask Karen” type, usually of leftist political persuasion, bossy, entitled, and status-sensitive, would be seated on the jury. Such a person would be most unlikely to ever vote for acquittal—her social group would necessarily know she had done so, given the unanimous nature of an acquittal.

In addition, this type of person is likely to seize the leadership position of foreperson on a jury, to suit their bossy and entitled nature. Such a person also tends to be outspoken and forward in circumstances where other people would defer to apparently higher authority.

There has been one apparently female juror who on several occasions can be overheard being unusually familiar with Judge Schroeder—not in the sense of knowing him personally, but in the sense of engaging in a relaxed discussion that one does not usually find between a juror and a trial judge.

Then we have the jury note from yesterday asking for access to the Exhibit #5 drone video footage and related evidence. It was written by juror #54, the jury foreperson, and an apparent woman:

It seems that this is illegal:

When the jury was brought into the courtroom for purposes of dismissal, shortly after 4:00 p.m. Wisconsin time, Judge Schroeder imprudently asked if any of them had any questions for him. One did. A woman juror asked if she could be permitted to take home a copy of the 36 or so pages of jury instructions.

The judge looked over at the parties, and although the State appeared to make no particular signal, defense Attorney Marc Richards shook his head slightly but observably in the negative.

Despite this, Judge Schroeder announced that he would agree to the request and that the same option would be extended to all the jurors. Whether only the one juror who made the request ultimately took home the instructions, or whether multiple or even all jurors did so, is unknown.

A very close family member of mine is a graphologist, I sent him a jury 54s request and asked for his Analysis.
Image below:

This was his answer:

The issue with her is She is very artificial and is attention-seeking .she does have a strange behavior that can appear to be friendly and suddenly and abruptly stop and say no
She is feeling intense pressure from someone above her and is very worried about the future.

She likes to appear very cultured and cosmopolitan.
if the liberal culture is to convict she most likely will.

She makes believe she knows something however she is not smart she is a strong personality so it really depends if the others can see through that which I doubt.

Image below:

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