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Is Heaven Angry? Something Unknown Dropped From The Roof At The US Capitol Possibly Hitting Someone (Video)

Andy Biggs changed his anti-McCarthy to the present, paving the way for Kevin McCarthy to be the new Speaker of the House. The clown show is finally over, the media’s snickering will go on, but in the end, it’s done and McCarthy’s desperation finally paid off. Maybe Frank Luntz will throw him a big party this weekend.

At the time of this post, five GOP members voted present, lowering the threshold to 215 yes votes. He just got it.

McCarthy will either obey the conservative line, or they will force him out by vacating the chair. Not only was this election and the election a letdown, but this clown show of a Speaker of the House nomination was the way the current GOP leadership must be purged. There is no way in hell Ronna McRomney can continue as head of the RNC. Mitch McConnell either needs to retire or be primaried in 2024. McCarthy the California RINO is on a very short leash.

However, the swamp is far from drained as President Trump promised a few years back!

And a video that surfaced this morning shows some unknown object falling from the roof and possibly hitting someone on the leg.

Video below:

Light bulb or fixture maybe? Might have hit a foot bc the 2 in front appear to only notice when it made a sound.

Slow motion video:

People had different suggestions on what really happened:

However, this one won the day:

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