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Video: Biden Asks How Many Illegals Are Crossing The Southern Border On Live TV – It Backfires In A Spectacularly Painful (Hilarious) Way

The border crisis ensuing under President Joe Biden’s time in office has resulted in millions of migrants crossing illegally into the U.S. at record levels.

Fiscal year 2022 ended with a record of more than 2.3 million migrant encounters by federal authorities at the southern border and another nearly 600,000 who are known to have evaded Border Patrol, according to Fox News. At the rate things are going at the southern border, there will be roughly 9.7 million migrants, which is almost the population of New Jersey, crossing during Biden’s time in office, according to American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark Perry’s analysis.

It is uncertain how many migrants have crossed illegally as federal authorities can only count those who evade arrest using sensors. Thus, encounters disclosed by the federal government are likely much lower than the total number of migrants that have crossed the southern border.

In an effort to address the immigration issue head-on as it threatens to become a significant problem for him and his administration, President Biden made his first journey to the southern border on Sunday since taking office.

Even while Republicans and some Democrats had pushed Biden to go despite the flow of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border for months, Biden had resisted.

The video below shows us why he wasn’t allowed to visit the southern border:

1,000 per day and that’s only 1 Salvation Army at 1 point of the Border.

Joe’s just trying to get a “sense” of the flow because he can’t get real numbers from Mayorkas right? Charlatan in Chief.

Just watch how the person he addressed was forced to change his numbers.

His visit to El Paso highlights the political and humanitarian challenges the situation presents for the Biden administration as it contends with a House GOP majority determined to emphasize the border crisis and a looming 2024 election where the Republican nominee is likely to emphasize immigration.