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Jeanine Pirro Returns to Fox News, Calls for Traitors To Be Prosecuted (Video)

“Justice With Judge Jeanine” is back on the network’s Saturday night schedule after a two-week suspension over her controversial remarks about Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Pirro’s top-rated program returns to Fox’s schedule in its regular 9 p.m. slot.

We all expected her return to be strong and it was because that’s what you can expect from Judge Jeanine!

Pirro’s opening statement touched on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report that found no evidence President Trump colluded with Russia.

“Unless we make an example of the traitorous, treasonous group that accused Donald Trump of being an agent of the Russian government and as they spewed their hate I want to know who the unmasking, who did the leaking, and if we don’t have a consequence of the highest level of government are not held responsible for this then it is a blueprint for a future effort to overthrow the government,”

“This is bound to happen again because these arrogant, condescending, leaking lying haters of you and me and the America that doesn’t have power will do it again unless we stop them in the only way to stop them is with justice, true justice and that is behind-the-bars justice,” Pirro said.

Conservative speech is being squeezed on the internet now. The last bastion of free-flowing information is coming to an end.

Judge Jeanine was the victim of these changes that target conservatives.

Luckily we have her back because she is one of the last conservative hosts we have on national television!

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