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Joe Biden, 1973: Audio Comes Out Where He Is Making Sexist Jokes, Using Word ‘Negro,’ Defending Republicans Against Watergate Criticisms

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s touchy-feely behavior around others, women, in particular, has become somewhat of an internet meme over the years.

Uncle Joe is not scandal-free when it comes to other things as well!

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the current 2020 Democratic presidential frontrunner, made racially insensitive remarks and comments women might find offensive in a 1973 speech.

As Breitbart reported:

Breitbart News has reviewed the full recording, and is providing an in-depth report of a number of questionable comments Biden made during these remarks.

In addition to this audio, Breitbart News has obtained a 1972 newspaper clipping showing he made more insensitive remarks—saying he was a “phony liberal” while discussing being nice to minorities.

At the time of the 1973 speech, Biden was 30 years old and had just won an upset victory to the U.S. Senate from Delaware—a seat he would hold for seven terms. Although new to politics, Biden was introduced that evening by the club’s then-president Bertram Gardner, one of Cleveland’s African-American civic leaders, as a rising star with a “frank and candid” demeanor.”

Since the speech took place against the backdrop of Watergate, Biden’s observations centered heavily on America’s fundamental makeup amid the scandal. At times, however, the young senator veered off course to offer his views on issues like race, perhaps an early indication of the gaffes and verbal missteps that would define his political career.

Biden began by joking he had a Capitol Hill elevator operator fired for not recognizing him as a U.S. Senator, before denouncing then-President Richard Nixon’s administration for “assaulting” constitutional government and the rights of everyday citizens.

To illustrate how Nixon tried to handicap Democrats ahead of the 1972 presidential election, Biden tried a football analogy. While explaining, he said women present in the audience would not understand football and that he was led to believe their attendance wasn’t welcome.

“The only analogy that I can really think of, is a football analogy,” he said. “And I apologize to you women in the audience for not being able to think of a more appropriate analogy, but they told me they didn’t want you here anyway.”

“I didn’t expect any women to be here,” Biden added.

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While I care very little anymore about what someone has said in the past, obviously to be used as a vicious weapon decades later, it’s concerning to me that this leopard hasn’t changed his spots. It’s one thing to regret and take ownership but when your actions speak for you and we are left to question one’s trustworthiness.

Source Breitbart

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