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Ocasio-Cortez: “Sure looks like powerful people are trying to bribe the President into war,”

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Facts are irrelevant to Dems.

Its all about emotion-based manipulation…Demagoguery

The new rising star of the Democratic part Ocasio-Cortez shows that the Democratic party has no future because every day we hear something that doesn’t make a sense just like the rest of her party, they are all the same a living proof of Demagoguery!

Today we have another conspiracy where Alexandria decided to attack our President once again!

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez quoted a tweet by Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold which linked to an article that revealed documents obtained from Trump hotels. According to the Post’s report, an Iraqi sheik reportedly stayed at a suite in Trump’s hotel in Washington D.C. for 26 days after urging the Trump administration to take a “hard-line” approach towards Iran in July 2018.

“Sure looks like powerful people are trying to bribe the President into war,” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

The accusation is the latest conspiracy theory promoted by leading Democrats. Last week, Rep. Ilhan Omar said the White House was “weaponizing” the US Census to target minorities.

“It’s now explicit: Trump is weaponizing the Census to benefit ‘Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.’ This is an attack on democracy and in any other Administration, it would be a multi-year scandal,” posted Omar on social media.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz blasted Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar over a racist tweet suggesting that Latinos would never make up the cut under a merit-based immigration system.

Ted Cruz, the son of Cuban immigrants, was among the first to torch Omar. He also slammed the Democratic Party, whose main talking point is that a merit-based immigration system is racist.

Cruz tweeted: “As the son of a Cuban immigrant whose Dad came to get a math degree and become a computer programmer, I’m troubled that Dems seem to believe Hispanic immigrants can’t qualify for skills-based legal immigration. Bringing in more scientists, engineers and doctors are good for US jobs.”

What’s next?

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