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Jussie Smollett Reportedly Still Faces An FBI Investigation For Mail Fraud

It appears “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett is off the hook — for now.

A judge Tuesday granted a nolle pros, which essentially means the case has been dropped and that he will no longer be prosecuted for the alleged crimes. It’s unclear at this time why the court decided not to proceed with the prosecution but Smollett is expected to give a statement after he leaves the courthouse later.

Fox News reported on air Tuesday that the FBI is still looking into Jussie Smollett allegedly sending himself a death threat letter through the mail.

As Breitbart reported:
“A spokesperson for the FBI, we just reached out to, and they tell us ‘no comment.’ All along, the FBI–which is, you know, usually very quiet, did not weigh in on their investigation,” an FNC reporter said on air.

“But, Jussie Smollett, according to Chicago police, allegedly sent himself a death threat letter just one week prior to the alleged hoax,” the reporter continued.

“Chicago police allege…when that letter didn’t get enough traction or enough attention, he decided to carry out with this alleged hoax. If the FBI determines that Jussie Smollett did send that letter to himself, he faces a charge of mail fraud, which is pretty substantial. Five to ten years in prison. Chicago police did tell us all along that the FBI is investigating that letter. The FBI just won’t confirm to us.”

This aligns with reporting from ABC7 Chicago, which confirms that Smollett is still being investigated by the FBI.

My opinion is that the FBI is every bit as corrupt as Chicago; they’ll figure out a way to let this fraud skate, too, as they always do when the person who committed the crime is a high-profile leftist.