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JUST IN – ‘Wagner-Linked Telegram Announced War Is Coming – Videos From All Over Russia Seems To Confirm This

Things took an interesting and “unprecedented” turn in Russia as Friday evening turned into Saturday morning and the Wagner Group — a paramilitary organization whose mercenaries were, until this point, fighting alongside Putin’s troops against Ukraine — made a 180-degree turn, entered Russia, and is reportedly making its way to Moscow with an axe to grind against Putin’s military leaders.

Nobody took things seriously at the beginning because they were thinking that this is just an op-ed to make Russia look weaker.

However, things are not looking good in Russia and it seems that the country is entering into a civil war!

At least that was confirmed by the Wagner group:

Putin already made a state address:

We have a collection of videos below and it seems that the country is really on the verge of a civil war:

Wagner Chief is having a meeting with high-ranking military officials from the Russian army:

Helicopter attack:

The Russian national guard will enter Rostov to resume control of the city:

More videos will be uploaded as our editor team is reviewing them!

According to BBC News, the Wagner Group’s leader — Yevgeny Prigozhin — recently took to social media network Telegram to claim “‘huge numbers’ of his fighters had been killed in a strike by the Russian military on a Wagner camp, though he provided no evidence to support his claims.” BBC noted that Prigozhin “has become increasingly vocal in his criticism of Russia’s military leaders” in recent months despite being, at least previously, a close confidant to Putin.

After Prigozhin made his claim, Russia turned around and launched an investigation against him for “inciting mutiny” and issued an arrest warrant as the paramilitary leader apparently made good on his promise to launch a “march for justice” against the “evil” in Russia’s military — leading Putin’s government to begin securing Moscow — according to The Wall Street Journal:

Russian authorities stepped up security in Moscow and issued an arrest warrant for Yevgeny Prigozhin, the owner of the Wagner paramilitary group, on charges of mutiny after he called on his troops to oust the country’s military leadership.

Prigozhin, a one-time confidant of President Vladimir Putin, called for retaliation after claiming that the Russian military killed “an enormous amount” of his troops in Friday’s strikes on Wagner camps. The military denied these strikes had occurred, and there was no independent evidence to back up his claim.

As Russian soldiers in armored personnel carriers secured key installations in Moscow, leading Russian military commanders who had worked with Wagner urged the group’s fighters to stop before it was too late. “The last thing we need is to unleash a real civil war inside the country. Come back to your senses,” urged Lt. Gen. Vladimir Alekseyev, the deputy chief of Russian military intelligence.

While there were no reports of clashes, Prigozhin said that his forces will launch a “march for justice.” Early on Saturday morning, he said that his troops had already left eastern Ukraine and started entering the southern Russian city of Rostov, where he said young conscripts offered no resistance.

A Russian security source said that Wagner fighters had also seized military facilities in the city of Voronezh, further north on the road toward Moscow, where the governor said operations were underway to put down the mutiny. Reporters could not independently confirm the situation there.

In Moscow, there was an increased security presence on the streets. Red Square was blocked off by metal barriers.