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Students Express Discontent Over Mandatory Pride Video in Math Class – The Teacher’s Reaction Will Make Your Blood Boil

A recent incident in a classroom has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the balance between education, personal beliefs, and the rights of students.

Students found themselves at odds with their teacher after a Pride video was shown in their math class, leading to a clash of perspectives and disciplinary actions. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding the incorporation of social issues into educational settings.

Parents from Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California are making a video go viral. When the students were uncomfortable with it, the teacher threatened them with weekend detention.

Video below:

Amidst the student protest, the teacher responded by threatening the students with weekend detention as a disciplinary measure. The threat of punishment intensified the situation, further fueling the controversy and raising questions about the appropriate response from educators when faced with dissenting opinions or discomfort from students.

That definitely looks like two (identifies as) chicks making out. We know that woke, Marxist teachers will take advantage of having a captive audience.

And we know the teacher said this:

I’m warning you guys now. If you’re going to be inappropriate, I will have supervision down here. I will give all of you a Saturday school for next year. So knock it off.

Straight or gay, no one wants to watch this in ANY class let alone Math. The teacher doesn’t sound like the kind who is interested in class discussion.

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