Home Politics Kamala Harris Promises To Invest $60 Billion On Historically Black Colleges

Kamala Harris Promises To Invest $60 Billion On Historically Black Colleges


In an effort by Presidential candidate Kamala Harris to reach out to black voters she promised to invest $60 billion in historically black colleges and universities if elected.

She will also release a plan to spend $12 billion on entrepreneurship programs aimed at the black community, her campaign said.

“By taking these challenges on, we don’t just move Black America forward, we move all of America forward,” Harris’ prepared remarks will say, according to her campaign.

The Harris campaign didn’t explain how these proposals would be funded.

She has consistently polled behind Biden among black voters and played the race card on Bidden himself.

A Monmouth University poll released on Thursday showed Harris trailing far behind Biden among black voters in the early primary-election state of South Carolina, which has a large African-American electorate.

Just 12 percent of black respondents supported Harris, versus 51 percent for Biden, who was vice president under Barack Obama, America’s first black president.

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  1. Sooooo, are the black colleges collecting tuition’s? But now if you promise to invest taxpayers money to Black Colleges, aren’t you being biased on all the other colleges in the US? If you are going to have a college, school, institution or anything else white, black, brown, purple or any other color that you want to say, they should be run as a business, that is what they are, providing a service, any higher learning facility! If elected President you are suppose to represent All or the people, but if everyone is getting paid to teach or what ever, it needs to be self sufficient and not a burden on the taxpayers! I or anyone else gets no gain from giving money to these colleges! If they need money they need to get a government loan, if qualified! I am sure the Dean to some of these institutions are getting way over $100,000 a year, I don’t or a lor of other people! Like other colleges have done, they need to search out, rich investors for donations, I am sure there are plenty that already invest, better yet, ask Oprah she is know to help out with schools, here and abroad! I mentioned Oprah not because she is black, because she donates, researches for good causes and has the money!

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