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Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutors Caught Tampering Evidence (Photos & Video)

The prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial is caught TAMPERING with evidence, The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial has turned into a political show trial!

The late stages of Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial in the shooting of three men highlighted the U.S. legal system’s constant debate over forensic technologies, even fundamental ideas taken for granted outside the courtroom.

Rittenhouse’s defense team challenged Kenosha County prosecutors’ attempt to introduce enlarged images taken from drone video footage. Prosecutors said the images were a clear contradiction of Rittenhouse’s earlier testimony that he had not pointed his weapon at protesters prior to killing Joseph Rosenbaum.

Rittenhouse’s defense, though, argued that the method used by a state investigator to enlarge the photos couldn’t be trusted to accurately show Rittenhouse’s actions.

James Armstrong, a senior forensic imaging specialist with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, acknowledged on the stand Thursday that enlarging an image requires the addition of pixels. But prosecutors said the software Armstrong used is widely accepted — as is the method he used to enlarge the photos.

On Friday, the defense noted something far more glaring than the much-disputed pixelation of the photo, as Human Events editor Jack Posobiec reported.

If the image indeed showed Rittenhouse aiming his rifle, it’s showing him aiming his rifle as though he were left-handed.

Rittenhouse is not, in fact, left-handed, and as all other images of him from that evening show, he had his rifle slung for a right-handed shooter.


Here’s the defense explaining this glaring disparity, going as far as to stand up to demonstrate:

Posobiec caught the prosecutors tampering evidence and lying:

It’s pretty difficult for a shooter to switch from right-handed to left-handed with a rifle. Rittenhouse’s attorney noted that the image was “open to interpretation,” which is certainly putting it lightly, as it’s basically a Rorschach test at best as you can barely make out anything in the photo to begin with.

This really, really doesn’t look good for the prosecution, which was already on thin ice.

It should also be noted that it was pretty generous of this judge, who has been accused of being biased toward Rittenhouse, to allow the photo to be included as evidence.

It will ultimately be up to the jury to decide if the blurry, pixelated photo of Rittenhouse magically switching his shooting stance in the middle of a violent and chaotic scene is substantial enough to convict him of intentional homicide — which, if there’s any justice left in the world, they won’t.

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